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  • Tapered Tin Cup - Made in USA
    $28.00 Tapered Hot Dipped Tin Cup
    This is a great new cup we are carrying that is made of hot dipped tin, right here in the USA.  It is a common shape and pattern of the period and is very similar to those that can be seen in numerous collections and...

  • Tunisian Stripe Scarf
    $59.95 Tunisian Stripe Scarf
    This is a popular period style scarf and this pattern was widely used in the period, being featured in Godey's as well as other sources.  Our reproduction is made from 100% woolen yarns and are being offered in a...

  • U.S.S. Cairo Pressed Tin Mess Pan
    $14.95 U.S.S. Cairo Pressed Tin Mess Pan
    This is a reproduction of an incredibly common item in the 19th century, the tin pan.  Ours is a copy of the pan that was salvaged from the U.S.S. Cairo wreck.  We had the die made specifically to reproduce this...

  • W.C. Wyatt Handkerchief
    $21.95 W.C. Wyatt Handkerchief - AoT Alabama Artillery
    We are exicted to offer our first Army of Tennessee carried handkerchief!!  This handkerchief was carried by W.C. Wyatt of Alabama while he was in the Gid Nelson Light Artillery.  He was wounded during the...

  • William Kean Richmond Howitzers Handkerchief
    $18.63 William Kean Richmond Howitzers Handkerchief
    This handkerchief is so much of a piece of Civil War history that its presence will bring the smell of gunpowder and woodsmoke....During the battle of Gettysburg, William Kean, of 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers, gave his...

  • Wisconsin Cup - Hot Dipped Tin
    $28.00 Wisconsin Cup - Hot Dipped Tin
    This cup was attributed to a Wisconsin soldier and is made of hot dipped tin by a tinsmith in the USA.  These cups are sturdily built and will hold up to use in the fire.  They measure 4 1/8 wide and 3 1/8 inches...

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