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  • Rain Cape
    $109.00 Choose Options Rain Cape - Rubberized Cloth
    The original item that inspired this cape is a rubberized rain cape identified to Lt. Col. James Deems of the 1st Maryland Cavalry (US).  During Deems' tenure with the regiment, they were heavily engaged and part of the...

  • Repro Lyman bag after being oiled
    $64.95 Repro "Lyman" Shot Bags
    Reproduction circa 1750s "Lyman" shot bags. Correctly made from vegetable tanned cow leather that is burnished and sewn by hand with linen thread. These are correctly decorated as the original with a rolled wheel that is...

  • The Tract Journal, November 1862
    $3.95 Reproduction "TRACT JOURNAL" Newspaper
    Yes!  You can have a reproduction Civil War era newspaper that IS NOT a Harper's Weekly or Leslie's Illustrated!!  The Tract Journal was a newspaper that was published during the war by the American Tract Society,...

  • Rubberized rain coat
    $139.00 Choose Options Rubberized Raincoat
    These rubberized rain coats are patterned off original examples and feature a fold down collar and two exterior patch pockets (as seen in original examples).  This coat is not a "copy" of any one rubberized raincoat of...

  • South Union Mills reproduction double breasted rubberized raincoat
    $139.00 Choose Options Rubberized Raincoat - Double Breasted "Bertrand" example
    We are excited to offer another commonly seen style of mid 19th century rubberized raincoat.  Ours is taken from the raincoat that is in the Steamboat Bertrand collection.  The coat is made of rubberized cotton...

  • Sheath Knife and Fork Combo
    $29.95 Sheath Knife and Fork Combo
    SUM is excited to offer a reproduction sheath knife and fork that, to our knowledge, has not yet been reproduced.  Our reproduction is patterned from an original 19th century fork and knife combo in our collection...

  • Soldier's pocket mirror expanded view
    $12.95 Soldier's Pocket Mirror
    We are pleased to offer this reproduction of an original soldier's pocket mirror in our collection.  This reproduction, as the original, is made from zinc and features the pull ring and stand as does the original. ...

  • Top view of Bertrand Cup 1
    $24.95 Steamboat Bertrand Cup #1 - HOT DIPPED TIN
    The Steamer Bertrand sank in the Missouri River on April 1, 1865.  The boat was enroute to Virginia City, Montana, when it hit a snag and sank near Omaha, NB.  The steamer was loaded with tons of good destined for...

  • Gentleman's Irish Linen Corded Handkerchief
    $21.95 T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson Fine Linen Handkerchief
    When T.J. "Stonewall" Jackson was wounded in May 1863, his handkerchief was used to help stop the flow of blood from the wound.  That handkerchief was a fine linen, corded handkerchief and measured approximately 17...

  • Thomas Taylor Knit Cap
    $39.95 Thomas Taylor Louisiana Knit Cap
    This knit cap was used during the Civil War by Thomas Taylor of the 8th Louisiana Infantry and is housed in the Museum of the Confederacy.  The original was reportedly red and white, but we have made our first...

  • Tapered tin mess cup
    $17.95 Tin Mess Cup (Tapered)
    Great example of a mass produced tin cup of the mid-19th century.  This cup is made from the specifications of one of the tin cups found on board the USS Cairo when it was salvaged.  The cup is made from regular...

  • Hot dipped Cairo cup with bead
    $24.95 U.S.S. Cairo Beaded Cup - HOT DIPPED TIN
    Another great tin cup that is an example of mass produced tinware in the mid-19th century and made of hot dipped tin.  The original cup with this design and measurement was found on board the U.S.S. Cairo when it was...

  • USS Cairo tapered cup made from hot dipped tin
    $24.95 U.S.S. Cairo Cup - Tapered - HOT DIPPED TIN
    Great example of a mass produced tin cup of the mid-19th century.  This cup is made from the specifications of one of the tin cups found on board the USS Cairo when it was salvaged.  The cup is made from HOT...

  • USS Cairo Hot dipped mess pan
    $29.95 U.S.S. Cairo Mess Pan - HOT DIPPED TIN
    Great example of a mass produced tin mess pan of the mid-19th century.  Made of HOT DIPPED tin with bottom diameter of 6.25 inches, top diameter of 8.2 inches, and measures 2.3 inches tall.  Measurements are...

  • Union Constitution and Flag Hanky
    $21.95 Union, Constitution & Must and Shall Be Upheld Handkerchief
    The original of this handkerchief is housed in the New York Historical Society.  It was made in 1860-1861 and belonged to a Union solider named Horace Squier (unknown state or regiment).  A great patriotic...

  • W.C. Wyatt Handkerchief
    $21.95 W.C. Wyatt Handkerchief - AoT Alabama Artillery
    We are exicted to offer our first Army of Tennessee carried handkerchief!!  This handkerchief was carried by W.C. Wyatt of Alabama while he was in the Gid Nelson Light Artillery.  He was wounded during the...

  • Our reproduction Kayess handkerchief
    $29.95 W.H. Tucker Kayess Handkerchief
    The American Civil War Museum, formerly the Museum of the Confederacy, houses several originals of this handkerchief.  This particular one is 100% silk in a dyed purple color.  The handkerchiefs were manufactured...

  • William Kean Richmond Howitzers Handkerchief
    $18.63 William Kean Richmond Howitzers Handkerchief
    This handkerchief is so much of a piece of Civil War history that its presence will bring the smell of gunpowder and woodsmoke....During the battle of Gettysburg, William Kean, of 1st Company, Richmond Howitzers, gave his...

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