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"Corded" List Stroud Cloth - 12" wide breechclout

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Red and blue corded list

A classic trade item of the fur trade, heavily traded in the eastern and western fur trade.  18th and 19th century trade ledgers describe resist-dyed bound woolens, usually made in Gloucestershire, England, famously, though borderline anachronistically known as "Stroud Cloth". This fabric is aniline dyed, which is absolutely correct for trade cloth usage post-1868. The shades have been generally color matched to common natural dyes in use before 1868. Generally speaking, the "Saved" list variety was most commonly present in the 19th century, and the "Corded" list variety was most commonly present in the 18th century, but those are general guidelines as both were available in both centuries.  Here, we are offering Corded List "Stroud" Cloth - 10oz plain weave wool flannel bound by hand and dyed in the piece. Resist dyed strip off-the-list 1.5 inches.  58" wide.  This piece is a 12 inch wide and 58" long piece to be used as a breechclout.  Currently have Red, Blue, and Green available. Perfect for living history, reenactments, and other uses.  This is very high quality and is a museum quality reproduction.  

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