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About Us

South Union Mills is a family business that strives to be the most authentic and affordable supplier of reproduction clothing, textiles, straw hats, and knit goods and other living history accessories.  In order to better serve customers and fulfill a void in the 18th and 19th century living history hobbies, Chris began South Union Mills, which originally was created to be a specialized supplier of all things, straw hats, knit goods, and textiles.  Our philosophy became not to be a provider of everything, but a source that concentrated on a few items and thus assured the utmost quality and authenticity of those few items. One of our passions is research, and that research produces some of the most accurate reproductions available in living history today. We have been on the forefront of providing accurate reproductions of many items never before reproduced and made available, and finding new sources for those items that were once available and have fallen by the wayside.  Our desire is to provide authentic goods at a price point that makes them available to everyone, so that price doesn't prohibit someone from improving their impression or having quality goods.  We also strive to constantly develop new sources for items in the U.S. when possible, but otherwise have quality sources for items in the U.S. or abroad.  The common theme will be quality, regardless of where we are able to source the items.  
We currently supply goods and services to not only living historians and reenactors, but also supply many national and state parks, living history museums, theaters, and movie productions.  Our items are also now available at other retailers such as museum and park gift shops, Eastern National stores, and some Civil War era sutlers.  
Finally, our ultimate mission in life is to serve God and faithfully uphold the principles taught in His Holy Scriptures.  We delight in serving Him and endeavor to hold a high standard of honesty, morality, and integrity in all aspects of life.  We believe that our methods of doing business should reflect the Christian values we adhere to.  Therefore, every effort is put forth to conduct business transactions in a courteous and professional manner.  We want each and every one of our customers to be satisfied with their interaction and purchases from us and for South Union Mills' to reflect the love and light of Jesus Christ.   

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