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  • Major Andre Wallet
    $46.95 "Major Andre" Wallet
    Reproduction of a 1770s-1780s English manufacture red Moroccan leather wallet. Multiple of these are identified to English soldiers, Loyalist and Americans. One of these was used by the famous English spy master Major Andre...

  • "Success To Washington 1775" Wallet
    $44.95 "Success to Washington 1775" Wallet
    There are numerous originals of these wallets that still exist today, some with various forms of embossing, but all with the "Success to Washington, 1775" motif.  There are numerous originals of this type of wallet in...

  • 1850s Folding Wallet
    $45.00 1850s Folding Wallet
    Chestnut tanned calfskin leather, this wallet is made from an original from the 1850s.  The wallet does not have a closure thong or flap, and simply folds together much like a modern wallet. There are two interior...

  • 18th & 19th century coin purse
    $12.00 18th & 19th Century Coin Purse
    This is a great reproduction of a common, self closing coin purse of the 18th and 19th centuries.  This example is made of tanned top grain goat hide.  A great period way to hold change or other small items. ...

  • 18th - Early 19th Century Wallet
    $44.95 18th - Early 19th Century Wallet
    Reproduction 18th century Anglo American wallets. These appear in the 1750s and go into the early Federal era circa 1800. Hand made vegetable tanned goat leather that is dyed in pits filled with organic poppy dye for the...

  • 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    $45.00 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    18th century American mfg wallet with brass catch.  Black dyed exterior and tanned leather interior, with compartments.  See pictures.  Size is 4" x 6"...

  • Shot pouch front
    $89.95 18th-early 19th century style "hair on" shot pouch with belt
    Another great addition to our leather products, we are offering these "taw" cow shot pouches, complete with vegetable tanned leather belt.  The pouches, as visible, are hair-on and feature sheep bonding with vegetable...

  • Small size
    $17.50 Choose Options 18th/Early 19th Century Pocket Knife
    We are happy to be now offering an authentic 18th/early 19th century pocket knife in two sizes.  This small size measures 3.5 inches closed and 6 inches long extended.  The large size measures 5.5 inches closed and...

  • Money belt front view
    $69.95 19th Century Leather Money Belts
    We are excited to offer these excellent reproduction leather money belts.  Each belt features four (4) individual compartments for money or other valuables that is covered by one closure piece....with individual buttons...

  • Leather bound notebook
    $26.00 19th Century Style Leather Bound Notebook
    We are very excited to be offering these great reproduction 19th century styled leather bound notebooks.  These notebooks are 4.5 x 3.5 inches and feature 100 front and back ruled pages (200 pages of writing surface)...

  • Interior view
    $162.00 Brass Trade Kettle - Large
    These brass trade kettles are great for periods ranging from the 1620's through the 1820's.  This reproduction is painstakingly reproduced in the same fashion as the originals were made using brass rivets and an iron...

  • Brass trade kettle - small
    $95.00 Brass Trade Kettle - Small
    These brass trade kettles are great for periods ranging from the 1620's through the 1820's.  This reproduction is painstakingly reproduced in the same fashion as the originals were made using brass rivets and an iron...

  • Civil War era wallets
    $45.00 Choose Options Civil War Era Reproduction Wallet
    The art of the reproduction Civil War wallet has officially been mastered with these reproductions that are now available.  These wallets are expertly made with pressed goat leather that is chestnut tanned with tannin...

  • Coffee Pot
    $29.95 Coffee Pot - Small personal size
    Small personal sized coffee pot that will fit in your knapsack or can easily be tied or buckled to your knapsack, haversack,or blanket roll.  Made of plated tin and typical of mass produced mid-19th century tinware...

  • Confederate New Testament - Reproduction
    $15.00 Confederate New Testament - Reproduction
    Hardbound reproduction of 1862 Confederate States Bible Society, Augusta, New Testament.  Cover is brown with gold leaf "Testament" on spine.  This edition is a faithful reprint of the original.    It...

  • Cravat - mid 19th Century style
    $12.95 Choose Options Cravat - mid 19th Century style
    Civilian style cotton cravat, made from brown and white check cotton cloth.  Features a nickle rear buckle for closure.  Cravat measures 1.75 inches wide at the widest point, and is 20 inches long...

  • Diary Notebook
    $32.95 Diary Notebook
    Made from real Moroccan leather, these notebooks are approximately 3x4 and have a storage pocket inside as well as a marbled paper interior and pencil pocket.  The leather is supple and soft and you can't find a more...

  • Elasticized Suspenders or "Braces"
    $55.95 Elasticized Suspenders or "Braces"
    We are happy to be able to offer elasticized suspenders once again.  These suspenders are made from cotton twill tape with blue pinstripe accent, and feature reproduction buckles and a cotton elastic lower tab on the...

  • Embossed Wallet - red Moroccan Leather
    $32.00 Embossed Wallet - red Moroccan Leather
    These great wallets feature an embossed design and are compact yet have enough compartments to hold all of your needs.  Supple poppy pit dyed red Moroccan leather exteriors and natural undyed leather interior. ...

  • Field modification hot dipped tin boiler
    $22.95 Field Modification Boiler w\Wire Bail - HOT DIPPED TIN
    This field modification boiler is made from a #3 canned goods can with the top removed and holes punched for the addition of the wire bail.  Ours is made from hot dipped in and measures 4.5 inches in diameter by 5...

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