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Hand knit mittens

  • Men's knit "driving" gloves
    $39.95 Men's Knit Gloves
    Godey's magazine, in 1863, featured a knitting pattern for what was described as men's "driving" gloves.  These gloves are based on that pattern and have been knit from 100% wool that is small gauge and small and...

  • 18th century mittens in brown
    $39.95 Choose Options Mittens - 18th century style
    Hand knit from 100% wool yarn, in dark and earthtone colors.  These mittens are from a common 18th century pattern.  Our faithful reproductions are made from 100% woolen yarns that are spun and dyed in a woolen...

  • 19th century trigger mittens
    $39.95 Mittens- Civilian style snowflake pattern with trigger finger
    Hand knit from 100% wool yarn, in period civilian design of the snowflake pattern.  The yarns used in our socks come from a North American mills that has been in business since 1857.  The wool is spun and dyed in...

  • Our reproduction 9th New Hampshire mittens
    $39.95 New Hampshire Style Mittens
    These mittens are inspired by a pair of original mittens that were sent from home to John S. Cole of the 3rd New Hampshire Infantry in 1861.  The originals appear to have never been worn, and are a great example of sent...