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  • Gordy Handkerchief
    $18.64 Gordy Handkerchief - 3rd Georgia Cavalry
    This handkerchief was carried by Lt. Gilbert Perry Gordy, 3rd Georgia Cavalry "Chattahoochee Rangers."  The 3rd Georgia Cavalry fought in many of the war's western campaigns, including New Haven, Murfreesboro,...

  • Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    $47.95 Choose Options Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    Now available for order after research and development, half stockings that are suitable for your late 18th century and early 19th century impressions.  These are great to fill that gap of reproductions available for...

  • Homespun Blanket #2
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #2
    Homespun blanket in a great natural white color with lighter indigo blue end stripes.  This blanket is made from two narrow panels sewn together, and measures 72 inches long and 56 inches wide.  A great blanket for...

  • Homespun Blanket #7
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #7
    Another great homespun blanket in one single width piece.  A nice wool blanket in off natural white, with blue end stripes.  Measures 78x56 inches.  Great for CS or civilian impressions...

  • Homespun Blanket #8
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #8
    Great homespun wool blanket in natural white with blue and gray end stripes.  The blanket is made of two more narrowly woven panels and measures 80x49 inches.  A great blanket for civilian or CS impressions...

  • Homespun Blanket/Coverlet #3
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket/Coverlet #3
    Great one piece wool and cotton coverlet in a pleasing red and white color.  Measures 73x53 and is a great 3 to 4 season blanket.

  • 3x3 hot dipped tin cup
    $23.00 Hot dipped tin cup - 3x3 - Axel Ulrich
    Hot dipped tin cup, 3x3, made by Pennsylvania tinsmith Axel Ulrich.  Great quality that will last a lifetime!  

  • 4x4 Hot dipped tin cup
    $26.00 Hot Dipped Tin Cup - 4x4 - Axel Ulrich
    Excellent reproduction hot dipped in cup by Pennsylvania Tinsmith Axel Ulrich.  Great all around cup that will last for decades!  Measures 4 inches x 4 inches...

  • Hunting Pouch - Handsewn Calf Skin square bottom
    $65.00 Hunting Pouch - Handsewn Calf Skin square bottom
    These hunting pouches are about as close to the originals as you will find, and are perfect for any 18th or 19th century impression that would require a hunting pouch.  These are made from chestnut tanned scraped calf...

  • Reproduction Ira Lindsey Handkerchief
    $18.64 Ira Lindsey, 25th Massachusetts Infantry, Handkerchief
    The original of this handkerchief was carried by Sgt. Ira L. Lindsey of the 25th Massachusetts, and was among the articles collected from him after he was killed during the Battle of Cold Harbor.  It is in the private...

  • Our reproduction John Ettinger handkerchief
    $18.64 John Ettinger 87th PA Handkerchief
    Early on the morning of October 19, 1864, Pvt. John W. Ettinger, Company G, 87th Pennsylvania Infantry, went into battle in what became known as the Battle of Cedar Creek in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Ettinger...

  • Joseph Arnold Handkerchief
    $18.65 Joseph Arnold Handkerchief
    This handkerchief marched to the sea with Sherman and smelled of woodsmoke and gunpowder....now you can own this great piece of American Civil War material culture history! Currently in the collection of the Oshkosh Public...

  • Ladies' Work Shoe
    $179.00 Choose Options Ladies' Work Shoe
    We are excited to be now offering a shoe for the ladies.  We are offering these everyday or "work" shoes that are made from waxed flesh black top grain leather and feature a double row pegged sole and stacked leather...

  • Low Quarter Civilian Shoes
    $179.00 Choose Options Low Quarter Civilian Shoes
    South Union Mills is excited to now be offering authentic footwear that is unique and custom made for SUM.  Our first offering is this low quarter civilian shoe, smooth out waxed flesh black leather that is lined with...

  • Reproduction Lt. John Selden Handkerchief
    $18.64 Lt. John Selden Handkerchief
    The original of this handkerchief is in the Selden collection in the Museum of the Confederacy, along with Lt. Selden's frock coat, trousers, shirt, and other items.  Our reproduction is a faithful copy of the original,...

  • Our overalls being worn by David Fowler at the George Murrell home in Park Side, OK
    $129.00 Choose Options Mid-Late 19th Century Overalls
    Workmen of the 19th century are commonly seen in overalls that were worn as outer protection for other clothing and as a working garment.  Our overalls are made with buttoning suspender straps that feature hand sewn...

  • Graphic of reproduction Lt. S. Millet Thompson handkerchief
    $18.64 New Hampshire Handkerchief - Lt. S. Millett Thompson
    We are excited to introduce the newest of our reproduction Civil War handkerchief offerings!  This handkerchief, now in my private collection, belonged to Lt. S. Millet Thompson of the 13th New Hampshire Volunteer...

  • Front cover of magazine
    $4.95 Prairie Farmer Magazine, February 1864 Issue Reprint
    Bringing more material culture of the 19th century to life!  We have reprinted the February 1864 issue of the "Prairie Farmer" magazine!  No more being stuck looking at just Harper's Weekly reprints!  Our...

  • Rubberized rain coat
    $149.00 Choose Options Rubberized Raincoat or Talma
    These rubberized rain coats are patterned off original examples and feature a fold down collar and two exterior patch pockets (as seen in original examples).  This coat is not a "copy" of any one rubberized raincoat of...

  • Straw top hats
    $99.00 Choose Options Straw Top Hat
    Introducing our long awaited straw top hats for the distinguished gentleman and farmer.  We are now offering these straw top hats, made in the USA from hand bound wheat straw braid and lined with a goatskin sweatband...