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18th Century Wares and Clothing

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  • Major Andre Wallet
    $46.95 "Major Andre" Wallet
    Reproduction of a 1770s-1780s English manufacture red Moroccan leather wallet. Multiple of these are identified to English soldiers, Loyalist and Americans. One of these was used by the famous English spy master Major Andre...

  • 18th - Early 19th Century Wallet
    $44.95 18th - Early 19th Century Wallet
    Reproduction 18th century Anglo American wallets. These appear in the 1750s and go into the early Federal era circa 1800. Hand made vegetable tanned goat leather that is dyed in pits filled with organic poppy dye for the...

  • Rolled brim cap in red/white/blue
    $39.95 18th / 19th Century Hand Knit Wool Cap - Striped pattern
    This style of knit wool hat can be seen in paintings sketches as early as the 17th century, if not before.  Our reproduction is faithful to the style and construction of the originals and are hand knit from North...

  • 18th Century "Double D" Friction Waistbelt
    $59.95 18th Century "Double D" Friction Waistbelt
    Great example of an 18th century belt.  Features brass "Double D" buckle.  Hand made in the USA by Cary Davisson.  

  • 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    $45.00 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    18th century American mfg wallet with brass catch.  Black dyed exterior and tanned leather interior, with compartments.  See pictures.  Size is 4" x 6"...

  • 18th Century Brown Bess Musket Sling
    $59.95 18th Century Brown Bess Musket Sling
    Expertly crafted 18th century Brown Bess musket sling made from black leather by craftsman Cary Davisson.  

  • 18th century hand knit stockings - 2 play natural white
    $59.95 Choose Options 18th Century Common Heel Stocking
    George Washington, Daniel Morgan, George Rogers Clark...this is what they were wearing on their feet when forging our nation!  We are excited to offer these early to mid 18th century stockings.  These stockings...

  • Navy blue with white/blue checkered cuff band
    $39.95 Choose Options 18th Century Dutch Caps
    Our "Dutch Cap" reproductions are styled after the caps that are housed in the Rijksumuseum from the Spitsbergen/Smeerenburg collection.  Our reproductions are made in similar colors to originals or can be customized to...

  • Single ply 18th century stockings
    $79.95 Choose Options 18th Century Hand Knit Stockings - Single ply
    Hand knit from 100% wool yarn, in SINGLE PLY.  These stockings are made from what is best described as a "fingering" weight wool yarn and would be a great addition to your 18th century impression!  The stockings...

  • 18th century mitts or wristers
    $49.95 18th Century Style Hand Knit Wristers or "Mitts"
    Common 18th century style wrister, which is really a "sleeve" that reaches from just above the elbow all the way down to the hand.  Hand knit from 100%, 2 ply wool.  Guaranteed to keep you warm on those cold...

  • 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    $30.00 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    Sling for 18th century wooden canteen.  

  • Small size
    $17.50 Choose Options 18th/Early 19th Century Pocket Knife
    We are happy to be now offering an authentic 18th/early 19th century pocket knife in two sizes.  This small size measures 3.5 inches closed and 6 inches long extended.  The large size measures 5.5 inches closed and...

  • 18th/Early 19th Century Wallet Red with Green Interior
    $47.95 18th/Early 19th Century Wallet Red with Green Interior
    Great example of an 18th/early 19th century style wallet that is large enough to fit a modern checkbook and currency.  Features a red Moroccan exterior and a green Verdigris dyed interior.  A beautiful work of...

  • Balaclava
    $44.95 Choose Options Balaclava
    The term balaclava first began being used during and following the Crimean War.  During the that time, hand knit balaclavas were sent to the British troops to help protect them from the bitter cold weather. British...

  • Brass trade kettle - small
    $95.00 Brass Trade Kettle - Small
    These brass trade kettles are great for periods ranging from the 1620's through the 1820's.  This reproduction is painstakingly reproduced in the same fashion as the originals were made using brass rivets and an iron...

  • Navy with gray designs
    $44.95 Choose Options Carlton Whitby Knit Cap
    The General Carlton Whitby was a British Naval vessel that sank on 27th September 1785 near Debci off the Polish Coast, while loaded with a cargo of iron.  In 1985 the discovery of the ship's bell led to the discovery...

  • Leather neck stock
    $24.95 Early 19th century Leather Neck Stock
    Early 19th century leather neck stock made from top grain leather by craftsman Cary Davisson.  

  • Goat hide snapsack
    $64.99 Goat hide (hair out) Snapsack with buckle strap
    This is a great reproduction of a common 18th century snapsack, made from hair out goat hide.  The strap is tanned leather and features a tinned iron buckle.  The top of the snapsack can be drawn closed with a...

  • Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    $47.95 Choose Options Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    Now available for order after research and development, half stockings that are suitable for your late 18th century and early 19th century impressions.  These are great to fill that gap of reproductions available for...

  • Hunting Pouch - Handsewn Calf Skin square bottom
    $65.00 Hunting Pouch - Handsewn Calf Skin square bottom
    These hunting pouches are about as close to the originals as you will find, and are perfect for any 18th or 19th century impression that would require a hunting pouch.  These are made from chestnut tanned scraped calf...

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