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Vintage Blankets

Period vintage blankets

  • Homespun Blanket #10
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #10
    Plain off white wool blanket.  Would be great for those wishing to recreate the British imported blankets of the 1860s.  This blanket is one solid panel and measures 86x71 inches...

  • Homespun Blanket #2
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #2
    Homespun blanket in a great natural white color with lighter indigo blue end stripes.  This blanket is made from two narrow panels sewn together, and measures 72 inches long and 56 inches wide.  A great blanket for...

  • Homespun Blanket #4
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #4
    Homespun wool blanket in a nice tan/brown color with green and mustard end stripes.  It's not everyday you see this naturally dyed color combinations!  Made of two narrow loomed panels and measures 75x65 inches...

  • Homespun Blanket #7
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #7
    Another great homespun blanket in one single width piece.  A nice wool blanket in off natural white, with blue end stripes.  Measures 78x56 inches.  Great for CS or civilian impressions...

  • Homespun Blanket #8
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket #8
    Great homespun wool blanket in natural white with blue and gray end stripes.  The blanket is made of two more narrowly woven panels and measures 80x49 inches.  A great blanket for civilian or CS impressions...

  • Homespun Blanket/Coverlet #3
    $129.00 Homespun Blanket/Coverlet #3
    Great one piece wool and cotton coverlet in a pleasing red and white color.  Measures 73x53 and is a great 3 to 4 season blanket.