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Souliers de Boeuf

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Close up view of souliers de boeuf

Souliers de boeuf are oxhide or "beef" shoes, made from sturdy leather that are formed around a wooden last.  These shoes were made popular in New World by the French inhabitants and worn on the midwest frontier.  During the French and Indian War, one contemporary source, Lieutenant d'Aleyrac described them in his Aventures militaires au XVIIIe siècle as "oxhide shoes are made in a completely different manner than the French leather shoes, they have a sole as thin as the top which envelops all the foot at the height of the quarters; then, on this piece of leather, one sews a smaller piece of leather covering the top of the foot; this style is most convenient to walk in the woods and in the mountains." They do not have any system of closure--no buckle or ties--but stay on the foot due to the tightness of the fit and the length of the top which extends to the ankle and curls upward to help form a tighter fit. 

Our repro souliers de boeuf are hand sewn and made from oxhide in the same manner as the originals.  Current sizes available are listed and in stock.  More will be available in the future.  

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