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  • Civil War era wallets
    $45.00 Choose Options Civil War Era Reproduction Wallet
    The art of the reproduction Civil War wallet has officially been mastered with these reproductions that are now available.  These wallets are expertly made with pressed goat leather that is chestnut tanned with tannin...

  • Civil War era rope tensioners with tent pegs
    $9.95 Civil War era rope tensioners or tigtheners
    One of the most often overlooked things in an impression is the rope tensioners that are used with the tentage in the authentic camps.  These tensioners are made locally to middle Tennessee from locally sourced hard...

  • Civil War era wooden tent pegs
    $9.95 Civil War Era Wooden Tent Peg
    Working in conjunction with local craftsman Baker Watkins, SUM is offering these handmade and turned local hardwood Civil War era tent pegs for the first time!  Each one is made locally to middle Tennessee by Baker...

  • Front of repro cotton sack coat
    $159.00 Choose Options Civilian Sack Coat - Cotton "linen look" cloth
    After seeing a couple of original sack coats in museums and collections that were unlined and featured patch pocket, I decided that this would be a good coat to offer.  This sack coat is made on the same pattern as our...

  • Cyrus Dennis Handkerchief
    $21.95 Cpl. Cyrus Dennis, 1st Maryland "Potomac Home Brigade" Cavalry Hanky
    Introducing the newest in our lineup of historical, accurate reproduction Civil War handkerchiefs.  This handkerchief was recently acquired as part of our collection, and belonged to Corporal Cyrus Dennis of the 1st...

  • CS "South Carolina" Blanket
    $210.00 CS "South Carolina" Blanket
    This reproduction homespun blanket saw use by a South Carolina Confederate solider and the original is in the collection of he American Civil War Museum (formerly the MoC).  This reproduction is authentic in every...

  • Front view
    $195.00 Choose Options Early 19th Century Men's Tail Coat
    We are excited to be offering this early 19th century tail coat.  Our reproduction is made from your choice of cloth (wool or cotton) with a cotton lining and features hand sewn button holes and your choice of buttons...

  • Galloway Handkerchief in Indigo Blue and Red
    $14.95 Choose Options Galloway Handkerchief
    This new reproduction Civil War handkerchief is the product of many months of research, design, and work. Faithfully reproduced from an original handkerchief in a private collection, our reproduction handkerchief is made...

  • Graphic
    $24.95 Gettysburg George Washington Handkerchief
    With a battle looming and the countryside in turmoil, the Union cavalry rode into Gettysburg on the afternoon of June 30, 1863.  The troopers dismounted and lounged in the town while awaiting further orders. ...

  • Gordy Handkerchief
    $18.64 Gordy Handkerchief - 3rd Georgia Cavalry
    This handkerchief was carried by Lt. Gilbert Perry Gordy, 3rd Georgia Cavalry "Chattahoochee Rangers."  The 3rd Georgia Cavalry fought in many of the war's western campaigns, including New Haven, Murfreesboro,...

  • Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    $47.95 Choose Options Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    Now available for order after research and development, half stockings that are suitable for your late 18th century and early 19th century impressions.  These are great to fill that gap of reproductions available for...

  • Reproduction Ira Lindsey Handkerchief
    $18.64 Ira Lindsey, 25th Massachusetts Infantry, Handkerchief
    The original of this handkerchief was carried by Sgt. Ira L. Lindsey of the 25th Massachusetts, and was among the articles collected from him after he was killed during the Battle of Cold Harbor.  It is in the private...

  • Reproduction Lt. John Selden Handkerchief
    $18.64 Lt. John Selden Handkerchief
    The original of this handkerchief is in the Selden collection in the Museum of the Confederacy, along with Lt. Selden's frock coat, trousers, shirt, and other items.  Our reproduction is a faithful copy of the original,...

  • Graphic of reproduction Lt. S. Millet Thompson handkerchief
    $18.64 New Hampshire Handkerchief - Lt. S. Millett Thompson
    We are excited to introduce the newest of our reproduction Civil War handkerchief offerings!  This handkerchief, now in my private collection, belonged to Lt. S. Millet Thompson of the 13th New Hampshire Volunteer...

  • Norman Hastings, 45 Massachusetts Infantry, Handkerchief
    $18.63 Norman Hastings - 45th Massachusetts Infantry - Handkerchief
    The most recent of our handkerchief offerings, the Norman Hastings Handkerchief is a true and faithful copy of the original, in my personal collection, that was carried by Hastings while serving with Company C of the 45th...

  • Osnaburg Cotton or "CS Issue" Style Shirt
    $95.00 Choose Options Osnaburg Cotton or "CS Issue" Style Shirt
    We are happy to be offering these handmade osnaburg shirts that are made from Needle & Thread's excellent cotton osnaburg cloth.  Our shirts are made with a foot powered treadle sewing machine, no electricity...

  • Silver plated pocket watch chain
    $22.00 Pocket Watch Chain #1
    Silver plated watch chain to complement our reproduction pocket watches.  See pictures for more detail.  

  • Loop watch chain for our reproduction pocket watches
    $39.00 Pocket Watch Chain #2
    Silver plated double watch chain, is in a loop so can be worn around the neck in mid-19th century fashion, if desired.  

  • Front cover of magazine
    $2.00 Prairie Farmer Magazine, February 1864 Issue Reprint
    Bringing more material culture of the 19th century to life!  We have reprinted the February 1864 issue of the "Prairie Farmer" magazine!  No more being stuck looking at just Harper's Weekly reprints!  Our...

  • The Tract Journal, November 1862
    $3.95 Reproduction "TRACT JOURNAL" Newspaper
    Yes!  You can have a reproduction Civil War era newspaper that IS NOT a Harper's Weekly or Leslie's Illustrated!!  The Tract Journal was a newspaper that was published during the war by the American Tract Society,...

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