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South Union Mills strives to be the most authentic and affordable supplier of reproduction clothing, textiles, straw hats, and knit goods.  South Union Mills was started after the owner and operator, Chris Utley, had started and grew Carter & Jasper Mercantile as a hobby into a commonly known name in living history.  In order to better serve customers and fulfill a void in the 18th and 19th century living history hobbies, Chris began South Union Mills, which was created to be a specialized supplier of all things Shaker....clothing, straw hats, knit goods, and textiles.  Our philosophy became not to be a provider of everything, but a source that concentrated on a few items and thus assured the utmost quality and authenticity of those few items. South Union Mills also enjoys a close relationship with the Shaker Museum at South Union, who are kind enough to allow South Union Mills access to their collection for research.  Many of South Union Mills' projects also result in a donation of funds to the Shaker Museum at South Union.  One of my passions is research, and that research produces some of the most accurate reproductions available in living history today.