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Rubberized Coats & Goods

Rubberized raincoats and other rubberized goods

  • Lady's Cloak Front View
    $149.00 Ladies' Rubberized Cloak
    While there have been offerings of late for men's rainwear, the ladies have been left out with little or no option when it comes to rainwear.  We have been working to remedy that, and are now offering this great...

  • Rain Cape
    $109.00 Choose Options Rain Cape - Rubberized Cloth
    The original item that inspired this cape is a rubberized rain cape identified to Lt. Col. James Deems of the 1st Maryland Cavalry (US).  During Deems' tenure with the regiment, they were heavily engaged and part of the...

  • Rubberized rain coat
    $149.00 Choose Options Rubberized Raincoat or Talma
    These rubberized rain coats are patterned off original examples and feature a fold down collar and two exterior patch pockets (as seen in original examples).  This coat is not a "copy" of any one rubberized raincoat of...

  • South Union Mills reproduction double breasted rubberized raincoat
    $149.00 Choose Options Rubberized Raincoat or Talma - Double Breasted "Bertrand" example
    We are excited to offer another commonly seen style of mid 19th century rubberized raincoat.  Ours is taken from the raincoat that is in the Steamboat Bertrand collection.  The coat is made of rubberized cotton...