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Hand knit wristers

  • 18th century mitts or wristers
    $49.95 18th Century Style Hand Knit Wristers or "Mitts"
    Common 18th century style wrister, which is really a "sleeve" that reaches from just above the elbow all the way down to the hand.  Hand knit from 100%, 2 ply wool.  Guaranteed to keep you warm on those cold...

  • 19th Century Wristers
    $29.95 19th Century Style Wristers
    19th Century style wristers, hand knit from 100% wool yarn.  This style of wrister covers from just above the wrist to down over the fingers.  Our reproductions are made from 2 ply woolen yarn that was spun and...

  • Men's knit "driving" gloves
    $39.95 Men's Knit Gloves
    Godey's magazine, in 1863, featured a knitting pattern for what was described as men's "driving" gloves.  These gloves are based on that pattern and have been knit from 100% wool that is small gauge and small and...