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Hand knit scarves

  • Our reproduction hand knit woolen scarf
    $59.95 Civilan Style Hand Knit Scarf
    This scarf is hand knit from handspun woolen yarns.  This scarf is a faithful reproduction of a scarf we saw in an image of an 1850's gentleman, which can be seen here.  These scarves require several hours of...

  • Dark red hand knit scarf with red/white/blue fringe
    $49.95 Handknit Scarf - Solid color with multi colored fringe
    Great new scarf design here for SUM!  Handknit from 100% woolen yarns, this scarf is very labor intensive and will keep you warm for several years.  The wool used to knit this scarf is hand spun wool, utilizing the...

  • Tunisian Stripe Scarf
    $59.95 Choose Options Tunisian Stripe Scarf
    This is a popular period style scarf and this pattern was widely used in the period, being featured in Godey's as well as other sources.  Our reproduction is made from 100% woolen yarns and are being offered in a...