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One of a Kinds

  • 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    $30.00 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    Sling for 18th century wooden canteen.  

  • CS Hughes, Pendergrass & Snow Canteen Sling
    $12.00 CS Hughes, Pendergrass & Snow Canteen Sling
      HP&S canteen sling...copied directly from the original....see leather billet end on my repo is spot on to the original.   real english webbing 72/74" long that can be cut to fit and resewing the leather...

  • Homespun Blanket #3
    $139.00 Homespun Blanket #2
    Very nice vintage homespun blanket in rare two tones of brown, 100% woolen blanket. Measures 78 inches x 64 inches (twin size), and weighs 4.5 pounds. The blanket is very good condition and there are no holes, stains or rips...

  • Homespun Blanket #3
    $139.00 Homespun Blanket #3
    SUPER WARM! 100% wool vintage blanket. It is grayish blend with other colors (typical shoddy of the mid 19th century industrially made blanket) and has black stripes at both ends. Measures 80 inches x 66 inches...

  • Homespun Blanket #4
    $110.00 Homespun Blanket #4
    Vintage homespun wool 2-panel blanket with a seam in the middle. The blanket is tan and blended with different colors yarn and has light greenish stripes at both ends, measures approx. 72 inches x 54 inches, weights near 3...