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  • Front/side view of Arabia shoe
    $179.00 Choose Options "Arabia" Style Shoes
    This is a great mid 19th century style shoe that is made after the shoes that were found during the Arabia excavation.  Our reproduction is made from waxed flesh upper leather,and feature double row pegged soles (not...

  • Major Andre Wallet
    $46.95 "Major Andre" Wallet
    Reproduction of a 1770s-1780s English manufacture red Moroccan leather wallet. Multiple of these are identified to English soldiers, Loyalist and Americans. One of these was used by the famous English spy master Major Andre...

  • "Officer" tin cup  - hot dipped
    $28.00 "Officer" Style Tin Cup - Hot Dipped
    This cup is made after an original attributed to an unknown Union Army officer.  Made of hot dipped tin in the USA.  This tin is hot dipped coat, reminiscent of the hot dipped tin that used to be offered by...

  • 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    $45.00 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    18th century American mfg wallet with brass catch.  Black dyed exterior and tanned leather interior, with compartments.  See pictures.  Size is 4" x 6"...

  • 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    $30.00 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    Sling for 18th century wooden canteen.  

  • Men's sack coat (trimmed version shown) untrimmed is same pattern
    $165.00 Choose Options 19th Century Civilian Sack Coat
    Made by the same maker as our paletots, these civilian sack coats are an excellent addition to your mid-19th century impression.  Made from 100% wool outer, with brown polished cotton lining and white cotton sleeve...

  • 19th century curved handle toothbrush
    $21.95 19th Century Toothbrush - Curved handle
    I have looked for these for years, and have never been able to find them until now.  Curved handled 19th century toothbrushes.  These are vintage brushes from France and are NEW and unused.  They aren't cheap...

  • 41st Ohio Covered Cup
    $42.95 41st Ohio Covered Cup - HOT DIPPED TIN
    We are excited to be offering this custom reproduction cup of the original that belonged to Pvt. Godle of the 41st Ohio Infantry.  The cup is 4.25 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall, and features a fitted lid that...

  • 54th Ohio Mucket/Cup - Hot Dipped Tin
    $51.95 54th Ohio Mucket/Cup - Hot Dipped Tin
    We are excited to have this reproduction mucket/cup that is an exact reproduction of a mucket carried by a soldier in the 54th Ohio Infantry.  This mucket/cup is very large, and measures 5.25 inches in diameter and 4.5...

  • American Messenger Newspaper, July 1862 edition
    $2.95 American Messenger Newspaper, July 1862 Edition
    We are thrilled to be able to offer another option to our newspaper reprints.  This latest offering is the July 1862 edition of the American Messenger, a periodical that was published through the American Tract Society...

  • Boy's Sack Coat
    $129.00 Choose Options Boy's Sack Coat
    Since we have several around here, we are now offering some boys  clothing that will fit the bill for your "authentic" child that might want to tag along.  Our boys sack coat is available in boys sizes 6-14 and is...

  • $59.95 Boys 19th Century Trousers
    Period correct boys 19th century trousers available in a variety of fabric choices.  These feature hand sewn button holes and period construction techniques.  Available in sizes 6-16.   If not in stock,...

  • Civil War era rope tensioners with tent pegs
    $9.95 Civil War era rope tensioners or tigtheners
    One of the most often overlooked things in an impression is the rope tensioners that are used with the tentage in the authentic camps.  These tensioners are made locally to middle Tennessee from locally sourced hard...

  • Civil War era wooden tent pegs
    $9.95 Civil War Era Wooden Tent Peg
    Working in conjunction with local craftsman Baker Watkins, SUM is offering these handmade and turned local hardwood Civil War era tent pegs for the first time!  Each one is made locally to middle Tennessee by Baker...

  • View of camp shoes
    $169.00 Choose Options Civilian Sport or "Camp" Shoes
    Worn during the period by civilians as a lightweight or sport shoe, these type of shoe also gained popularity during the Civil War as a "camp" shoe.  Our reproductions are made from 100% cotton canvas and European top...

  • Coffee cooler pan
    $29.00 Coffee Cooler Pan with wire loop - Hot dipped tin
    Great coffee cooler pan from hot dipped tin, and made in the USA.  This pan measures 6 inches in diameter across the top, just over 4 inches in diameter across the bottom, and 2 inches tall. There is also a small wire...

  • Cyrus Dennis Handkerchief
    $21.95 Cpl. Cyrus Dennis, 1st Maryland "Potomac Home Brigade" Cavalry Hanky
    Introducing the newest in our lineup of historical, accurate reproduction Civil War handkerchiefs.  This handkerchief was recently acquired as part of our collection, and belonged to Corporal Cyrus Dennis of the 1st...

  • CS "South Carolina" Blanket
    $210.00 CS "South Carolina" Blanket
    This reproduction homespun blanket saw use by a South Carolina Confederate solider and the original is in the collection of he American Civil War Museum (formerly the MoC).  This reproduction is authentic in every...

  • CS Canteen Sling for Drum Canteen
    $25.00 CS Canteen Sling for Drum Canteen
      The CS drum canteen sling made of real English webbing w fair leather billets. an japanned 1" roller buckle and is 72" long.   see pic attached...hand sewn 8 stitches per inch w linen waxed shoe thread...

  • CS Horseshoe Buckle Canteen Sling
    $25.00 CS Horseshoe Buckle Canteen Sling
      Buckle was copied from an original Richmond made buckle.        Sewn 8 stitches per inch w linen shoe thread.       11/16" wide by 72" to 74"...

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