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  • Front/side view of Arabia shoe
    $179.00 Choose Options "Arabia" Style Shoes
    This is a great mid 19th century style shoe that is made after the shoes that were found during the Arabia excavation.  Our reproduction is made from waxed flesh upper leather,and feature double row pegged soles (not...

  • Major Andre Wallet
    $46.95 "Major Andre" Wallet
    Reproduction of a 1770s-1780s English manufacture red Moroccan leather wallet. Multiple of these are identified to English soldiers, Loyalist and Americans. One of these was used by the famous English spy master Major Andre...

  • 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    $45.00 18th Century American Mfg Clasp Wallet
    18th century American mfg wallet with brass catch.  Black dyed exterior and tanned leather interior, with compartments.  See pictures.  Size is 4" x 6"...

  • 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    $30.00 18th Century Wooden Canteen Sling
    Sling for 18th century wooden canteen.  

  • Men's sack coat (trimmed version shown) untrimmed is same pattern
    $165.00 Choose Options 19th Century Civilian Sack Coat
    Made by the same maker as our paletots, these civilian sack coats are an excellent addition to your mid-19th century impression.  Made from 100% wool outer, with brown polished cotton lining and white cotton sleeve...

  • Repro Hot Dipped Bertrand Cup #2
    $24.95 Bertrand Cup #2 - HOT DIPPED TIN
    The Steamer Bertrand sank in the Missouri River on April 1, 1865.  The boat was enroute to Virginia City, Montana, when it hit a snag and sank near Omaha, NB.  The steamer was loaded with tons of good destined for...

  • Boy's Sack Coat
    $129.00 Choose Options Boy's Sack Coat
    Since we have several around here, we are now offering some boys  clothing that will fit the bill for your "authentic" child that might want to tag along.  Our boys sack coat is available in boys sizes 6-14 and is...

  • View of camp shoes
    $169.00 Choose Options Civilian Sport or "Camp" Shoes
    Worn during the period by civilians as a lightweight or sport shoe, these type of shoe also gained popularity during the Civil War as a "camp" shoe.  Our reproductions are made from 100% cotton canvas and European top...

  • Gettysburg Blanket
    $159.00 Confederate "Gettysburg" Style Blanket
    We pleased to make available this reproduction blanket made after the style of the Confederate battlefield pickup blanket that is in the NPS Museum at Gettysburg.  Our reproduction is not an exact reproduction due to...

  • CS Hughes, Pendergrass & Snow Canteen Sling
    $12.00 CS Hughes, Pendergrass & Snow Canteen Sling
      HP&S canteen sling...copied directly from the original....see leather billet end on my repo is spot on to the original.   real english webbing 72/74" long that can be cut to fit and resewing the leather...

  • Diary Notebook
    $32.95 Diary Notebook
    Made from real Moroccan leather, these notebooks are approximately 3x4 and have a storage pocket inside as well as a marbled paper interior and pencil pocket.  The leather is supple and soft and you can't find a more...

  • Early 19th century socks
    $42.95 Choose Options Early 19th Century Sock
    These socks are faithfully reproduced from instructions for an early 19th century socks, before 1820.  These socks would be excellent for wearing with gaitered trousers or with close fitting overalls.  Currently...

  • Embossed Wallet - red Moroccan Leather
    $32.00 Embossed Wallet - red Moroccan Leather
    These great wallets feature an embossed design and are compact yet have enough compartments to hold all of your needs.  Supple poppy pit dyed red Moroccan leather exteriors and natural undyed leather interior. ...

  • Galloway Handkerchief in Indigo Blue and Red
    $14.95 Choose Options Galloway Handkerchief
    This new reproduction Civil War handkerchief is the product of many months of research, design, and work. Faithfully reproduced from an original handkerchief in a private collection, our reproduction handkerchief is made...

  • Gordy Handkerchief
    $18.64 Gordy Handkerchief - 3rd Georgia Cavalry
    This handkerchief was carried by Lt. Gilbert Perry Gordy, 3rd Georgia Cavalry "Chattahoochee Rangers."  The 3rd Georgia Cavalry fought in many of the war's western campaigns, including New Haven, Murfreesboro,...

  • Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    $47.95 Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    Now available for order after research and development, half stockings that are suitable for your late 18th century and early 19th century impressions.  These are great to fill that gap of reproductions available for...

  • Homespun Blanket #3
    $139.00 Homespun Blanket #3
    SUPER WARM! 100% wool vintage blanket. It is grayish blend with other colors (typical shoddy of the mid 19th century industrially made blanket) and has black stripes at both ends. Measures 80 inches x 66 inches...

  • Homespun Blanket #4
    $110.00 Homespun Blanket #4
    Vintage homespun wool 2-panel blanket with a seam in the middle. The blanket is tan and blended with different colors yarn and has light greenish stripes at both ends, measures approx. 72 inches x 54 inches, weights near 3...

  • 3x3 hot dipped tin cup
    $23.00 Hot dipped tin cup - 3x3 - Axel Ulrich
    Hot dipped tin cup, 3x3, made by Pennsylvania tinsmith Axel Ulrich.  Great quality that will last a lifetime!  

  • 4x4 Hot dipped tin cup
    $26.00 Hot Dipped Tin Cup - 4x4 - Axel Ulrich
    Excellent reproduction hot dipped in cup by Pennsylvania Tinsmith Axel Ulrich.  Great all around cup that will last for decades!  Measures 4 inches x 4 inches...

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