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  • Freeman Knit cap
    $36.00 "Freeman" Knit Cap
    This new knit cap is taken from the cap pictured in the circa 1822 painting by James Alexander Simpson of an African American "freeman".  The cap is hand knit wool and sits tall on the wearer's head and is made of red,...

  • Miner's Overshirt
    $99.00 Choose Options "Miner" Style Overshirt - Wool flannel
    The 1840's and 50's were a time of industrial production in the United States and across Europe.  Part of that industrialization process was the increase in commercially available mass produced clothing.  By the...

  • Reproduction
    $18.60 "New York" Handkerchief
    We were fortunate enough to obtain the original of this handkerchief during a sale of Civil War relics out of New York.  We do not know who owned the handkerchief originally, but it was part of a large Civil War...

  • Men's 19th century Sack Coat
    $179.00 Choose Options 19th Century Civilian Sack Coat
    Made by the same maker as our paletots, these civilian sack coats are an excellent addition to your mid-19th century impression.  Made from 100% wool outer, with brown polished cotton lining and white cotton sleeve...

  • Repro Hot Dipped Bertrand Cup #2
    $19.95 Bertrand Cup #2 - HOT DIPPED TIN
    The Steamer Bertrand sank in the Missouri River on April 1, 1865.  The boat was enroute to Virginia City, Montana, when it hit a snag and sank near Omaha, NB.  The steamer was loaded with tons of good destined for...

  • Reproduction Broaddus Handkerchief
    $21.95 Broaddus 9th Virginia Cavalry Handkerchief
    The original of this handkerchief was carried by Dr. Eugene Broaddus of the 9th Virginia Cavalry, Company B "Caroline Light Dragoons."  The handkerchief is 27 x 27 and made of 100% cotton.  The original was in...

  • Red
    $139.00 $109.00 Choose Options Cat Tracks & Snail Trails Coverlet
    Extremely limited stock currently due to this pattern being discontinued.  Please email for available selection before placing order.  Thank you.   Made from 50% USA wool and 50% organic cotton. ...

  • Coffee Pot
    $24.95 Coffee Pot - Small personal size
    Small personal sized coffee pot that will fit in your knapsack or can easily be tied or buckled to your knapsack, haversack,or blanket roll.  Made of plated tin and typical of mass produced mid-19th century tinware...

  • "Gettysburg" blanket
    $139.00 Confederate "Gettysburg" Style Blanket
    We pleased to make available this reproduction blanket made after the style of the Confederate battlefield pickup blanket that is in the NPS Museum at Gettysburg.  Our reproduction is not an exact reproduction due to...

  • Early 19th century socks
    $39.95 Choose Options Early 19th Century Sock
    These socks are faithfully reproduced from instructions for an early 19th century socks, before 1820.  These socks would be excellent for wearing with gaitered trousers or with close fitting overalls.  Currently...

  • Field modification hot dipped tin boiler
    $18.95 Field Modification Boiler w\Wire Bail - HOT DIPPED TIN
    This field modification boiler is made from a #3 canned goods can with the top removed and holes punched for the addition of the wire bail.  Ours is made from hot dipped in and measures 4.5 inches in diameter by 5...

  • Folding spoon
    $32.95 Folding Bone Handle Spoon
    We had this reproduction made from our original Civil War era folding spoon.  Our original was made from white copper (reason for the slightly more expensive cost), and this reproduction is also made featuring a bone...

  • Folding Fork Extended
    $18.95 Folding Fork - Bone Handle
    We are excited to be able to offer this reproduction of our original bone handled folding fork (spoon to follow soon).  Examples of these from the Civil War are very common and can be seen in several references and...

  • Galloway Handkerchief in Indigo Blue and Red
    $14.95 Choose Options Galloway Handkerchief
    This new reproduction Civil War handkerchief is the product of many months of research, design, and work. Faithfully reproduced from an original handkerchief in a private collection, our reproduction handkerchief is made...

  • Georgia Civil War Sock
    $39.95 Georgia Pattern Civil War Socks
    These socks are faithfully reproduced from the description given in the Macon Daily Telegraph in January, 1864.  Currently available in cadet gray wool 2 ply yarn.  Original instructions can be seen...

  • Graphic
    $24.95 Gettysburg George Washington Handkerchief
    With a battle looming and the countryside in turmoil, the Union cavalry rode into Gettysburg on the afternoon of June 30, 1863.  The troopers dismounted and lounged in the town while awaiting further orders. ...

  • Gordy Handkerchief
    $18.64 Gordy Handkerchief - 3rd Georgia Cavalry
    This handkerchief was carried by Lt. Gilbert Perry Gordy, 3rd Georgia Cavalry "Chattahoochee Rangers."  The 3rd Georgia Cavalry fought in many of the war's western campaigns, including New Haven, Murfreesboro,...

  • Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    $47.95 Half-Stockings, Hand knit
    Now available for order after research and development, half stockings that are suitable for your late 18th century and early 19th century impressions.  These are great to fill that gap of reproductions available for...

  • Huck towel
    $4.95 Huck Towel, 100% Cotton
    We have found a source for 100% cotton huck towels.  Huck woven towels have been in existence since the 16th century and are a common period towel of the 19th century.  Ours measure 17x22 inches. ...

  • Our reproduction McCowen handkerchief
    $21.95 Israel Taylor McCowen, 12th Ohio Infantry Handkerchief
    This handkerchief is a reproduction of the handkerchief carried by Israel Taylor McCowen (1841-1864), 12th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, who was killed at the Battle of Lynchburg on June 17, 1864.  McCowen held the rank of...

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